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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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it gives that feeling over to the work. >> what are your hopes for it? >> that in a way it just becomes part of the area. i think it is starting to have that feeling. people utilize it. they sit and, and have their lunch and play on -- they sit and, and have their lunch and play on that -- they sit and come and have their lunch and play on it. just for it to be part of the neighborhood. that is my hope. >> is such a beautiful addition to our public art in san francisco. thank you for joining us. it was nice to meet you. and thank you for telling us about your beautiful mural. thanks for watching "culturewire."
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[applause] [laughter] >> uh-oh, over capacity. as we are gathering, everybody, thank you very much for coming. this is one of the moments where i have been looking forward to, with all the members of our board of supervisors, and i continually want to thank the board for working so well with our office in passing a balanced budget this year. there are a lot of people to thank. but the first thing i want to make sure you all understand is the budgets of cities is the
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most important thing we can possibly do as urban settings for the whole country. you are reading about it every single day with the president and his deficit ceiling challenge or whether it is our governor. our cities have to survive, and i have to be financially strong. that will be a theme throughout the rest of this year and forthcoming, because we have to keep our city strong. we have done that with this balanced budget. a lot of people to thank. i want to first and foremost thank this year's budget share, carmen chu. supervisor chu, thank you very much. [applause] she did a really terrific job. you're great leadership really helped through all of the negotiations and discussions. of course, want to recognize the other budget members. board president david chiu. thank you very much, david.
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[applause] supervisor jane kim, thank you very much. supervisor ross mirkarimi, thank you. and supervisor scott wiener, thank you very much. [applause] they were all the members of the budget committee. but again, i want to thank each and every one of the members of the board, because we worked really hard. at the beginning, in january of this year, we all faced a $380 million deficit, and we all went to work. particularly, our office had to lead. like i say, we were on first base. and i wanted to thank so many other parties in this great city of ours for coming together. because the board of supervisors and the mayor's office, we knew we could not do this alone. the city budget reflects so many values of our great city. whether it is departments or
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community-based agencies or whether it is neighborhood groups, we all had to put our focus on and make sure that this budget would be balanced in the right way. so i want to especially thank all of our labor unions in the city for coming together this year. they were fantastic, and they were obviously very forthright in the things that they represented. particularly, i want to think, especially, the police officers and the police officer association and the head of that. as well as tom o'connor and the local 798 and the firefighters. the public safety contributions from we have some $31 million of savings over the next two years. [applause] and that represents a huge sacrifice. [applause] the public safety officers were part of a larger group of all of the labor unions that we have
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worked well with in the city. i want to thank all the labor unions for coming together, not only on the budget, but also on our pension reform package as well. to the community-based leaders, one, very personal thought i have here is a wanted to approach this budget in a very different way, and that is working with our community groups. because i have seen so many years that they were dragged out at the end of the month of june, towards the month of june, and had to march out with so many of their constituents to plead and beg, what might be viewed as crumbs. some of the big decisions -- the decisions they felt were already made. it helped the board of supervisors and the labor unions. we went to work with our budget step and with the department heads to go added a different way and to solve problems with our community groups ahead of
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time. so that you did not see the last hour that we went a little bit past midnight on a few things. but i think it was a very, very qualitatively different feeling that we had this year. i want to thank the department heads. i particularly want to thank the cbo's and especially those that had to hear my speech 25,000 times. they got its embedded in there, but all of you know that i felt that personally, that if we do not have a safe city, we do not have a solvent city, we will not have a successful city. that has been reflective of everything we have done. to the community-based organizations, thank you very much for working very closely with us and the board of supervisors. the controller's office, of course -- [applause] of course, we worked very hard with our controller's office did
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not want to thank ben and moni que and the budget analysis division staff for constantly working with this. they obviously were working over ours as well to make sure they understood and analyzed everything we did and the outcomes. i also wanted to thank the department of human-resources. mickey and martin. we call them the mickey and martin show. they were there, too, at the 10 community-based meetings that we had. they showed up there with departments, and there were always there to help me explain the repercussions of everything that we did. i really want to thank them. i also want to think harvey rose. i have been on all sides with harvey on the budgets for over 21 years. but i think he did a really job -- a really good job. he is not here, but i want to thank him as well. you know, the mayor's office, i inherited a great staff. i really have to say that i have
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been blessed with a very, very talented staff. so with that kind of talent, i want to make sure that i mentioned them by name. with that kind of talent, people do not stay long in one place. i know that there are already things happening with people changing. maybe they're stressed out or maybe they're going to better things. i want to say thank you to steve for helping me head this whole thing up. appreciate that. [applause] and then to the budget staff, headed up by the great bragg wagner, thank you very much. -- greg wagner. [cheers and applause] greg, you had a wonderful staff did you assemble them and focused on them. i want to name them all, because i know they're going places.
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that includes rick wilson, monice, megan, rebecca, liel, renee, alessa, jonathan, eash, star, and kate. thank you very much, all of you. [applause] and i want to again give a shout out to all of the department heads. they have been so patient. and even though i have not held to many department head meetings, i think i have relieve you of a lot of that. but all of you department heads, and i do not have to go through all of you, but i want to signal again that it has been wonderful to work with you in different capacities with such a difficult budget this year, you all came through to you did really get jobs in farming and advising members of the board of supervisors as well and really contributing to this whole budget process. as i said, we started out with
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the huge deficit, and we tried as a new kind of discipline and new processes in, and i think it worked. i think, also, that the board of supervisors and i know for a fact that our city will continue to be victimized if we do not have our own financial house in strong order. that is why we put together a two-year budget this year for the first time. that is why we're focused on a five-year financial plan for the city. because we will have to react to what the state is going to continue doing to us. we are about to receive the first package of realignment. that is not enough money to inherit. over 700 people that are incarcerated from our state. while we have got some money is in place, we have to be ready for more of the realignment. we do not know what else is coming, but they're getting ready to push everything down in the county. then we have to forewarned.
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that is why have been such a preacher, if you will, of making sure we have enough reserves. because the sole national but -- national debate -- and as you know, i just came back from washington, d.c., and even though we celebrated the giant'' win, you could see happens of the president was. we do not know what will happen next tuesday, but we have to be financially ready for it. with the disciplines we have had in place, i want to say to you, to the board of supervisors, to each and every one of you, i personally want to thank you for such a great relationship we have had with this mayor's office, and we're going to have to keep the relationship right. because we do not know what is going to occur. yeah, i kind of feel that the pressure will be put on cities like san francisco all over the country. we are going to have to react. we're going to have to come up with our own funding and resources to protect against those cuts are against possibly some dramatic increases in borrowing abilities, or more
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disastrous federal programs being cut that we rely on very heavily. with the spirit that i am signalling today, please, supervisors, let's continue working very, very closely. we have that mission to protect all of the residents of this great city. with that, i want to signal my appreciation for the unity that we have had throughout all the aspects of our city family. going forward, we have a lot of things to continue doing to keep our economic foundation strong. and i'd like to maybe take the time and invite board president david chiu -- she has been a fantastic leader in helping us make sure this relationship is strong. after that, maybe a few remarks from carbon to as well. so, board president david chiu. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor. i am just going to say a few brief remarks. at the end of last year, i was, like many of my colleagues, a bit nervous about how we were
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going to tackle this year's budget. this is my third budget. and all told, i think, over the past couple of years, including this year, we will have cut close to $1.4 billion from budgets. and what was so unique about this year was the circumstances under which we were able to come together, and i want to thank mayor lee. i want to thank our budget office and the department heads for the spirit of openness with which you worked not only with us but with all of the community stakeholders who were here. i also want to thank my colleagues, not only for all the long budget meetings and some of the late nights, but for pulling together to ensure that we are balancing this budget across all areas of government, it across all services. everyone came to this budget with the spirit of cooperation, which is what we dearly needed this time. i do want to single out one person in particular. carmen chu is not -- not only is
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the chu family extremely proud of you today, but i want to thank you for having taken on the work that you to go to the last few months to really bring us forward, working with the mayor and everyone here. it takes all of us to mention that our city is taking care of during these tough times, and we look for to continuing to do this in the years to come. with that, supervisor chu. [applause] >> thank you, everybody, for being here today. i was just reflecting back on the time when i started to work on the city's budget. and my first budget that were done was actually in 2004. so if you can imagine having worked in the budget office, been a committee member, and now a chair. i think as i finally done. [laughter] and so, again, i just want to thank everybody. there are a lot of thanks that i
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do want to say. a lot of times people feel that the banks have already gone around, but i do not think we can never think the people in the for the work they put in. first, i want to recognize and thank my colleagues, not only supervisor i to -- chiu, the whole board. it takes all the cooperation and input from every betty. i do want to thank all of my colleagues. antilife for the unanimous vote today. it is something that signals the cooperation and level of the conversations we have had over the course of the year. i do want to thank mayor lee. to be honest, a lot of people give me credit for the smooth process, but i will not take credit for that. truly, the ability to set the tone for the budget conversations really started with the mayor, his willingness to talk to the community, to be in public meetings, to continue to meet with labor leaders are committed the advocates, residents, supervisors related
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help to set the process and that smooth path we took. i do want to thank mayor lee. i want to thank his staff, in particular, greg. i remember when we hired greg. that was probably one of the best decisions we ever made. i just wanted to say congratulations on really running a fine, fine process and really leading your team. of course, judy controllers -- to the controllers office, i cannot imagine doing this without you and your staff. to all of our labopeople did say from their own pockets that really goes to support their own families. to the firefighters, police officers, thank you for helping us keep our budget hole. we wholeheartedly thank you for that. of course, i cannot get through this process without my wonderful staff. katie and cammie been tremendous in supporting the opposite is
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supporting me and communicating. i do want to thank everybody for that. so that will be it. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, carmine vdot want to give a shout to our business community, because they have been very strong with us. we had a lot of big decisions to make, even during the six months, that will serve as great foundations to our businesses into a great note to them that we want to make sure that as we approach a financially sound city goal, that business and labor and community groups are all part of that magic, the board of supervisors worked so closely with me. with this, something that charlotte schulz always reminds me, when you're happy, when you have unity in the city, you wear your best time. [laughter] so i have not taken is off since
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yesterday at the white house, so i wanted to celebrate with our board of supervisors. so at this time, we signed the final budget. there you go. [applause] >> all right, this is one pen down. [laughter] >> there you go. there you go. and greg. [cheers and applause]
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>> and with that, the budget is done. [applause] >> thank you, everybody.
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>> would you like to call the roll? er jsbr we have a quorum. commissioner perrez is an excused absence. >> thank you. second item -- first item is
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public comment. members may address the commission on items of interest that are within the subject matter of jurisdiction. members may address the commission up to three minutes. at the time such item is called. is there anyone here to speak to an item or an issue that is not on today's agenda? seeing none, i am going to go forward because we will lose our quorum. i am going to take the calendar out of order. the place of entertainment -- do you want to take that? >> it is an application at 37 mission.
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in your folders you will find the full application. and original photographs. inside you will find your security plan and a letter of support from the neighbors. we recommend conditional approval of this permit. >> would you like to invite the applicants up to be grilled? >> good evening. i am a business broker with business team and have been representing the clients on the acquisition of their new facility. this is harpreet. her cousin is a general manager.
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welcome. it is your business and your husband is the general manager. >> my cousin. my hearing is not that good. ok, commissioners? >> one question. general manager, where have you general managed before? >> in los angeles. >> you worked at the avalon? >> that is correct. >> at the vanguard i started as a busboy and worked up to management and also here in san francisco. >> what did you do it avalon? >> i was a busboy. and at the vanguard i worked myself to a bartender and then
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to assistant manager. >> of the bar? >> that is correct. >> you did not manage the general facility. >> that is correct. >> have you had experience? >> i have experience in the management field. i have managed a few businesses in my career. i have not run a nightclub. i have learned quite a bit in the last four or five months and have gone through this process and this is something we have been exploring in looking at for the last year-and-a-half. we have been evaluating and looking at and trying to learn the business. with the help of my cousin who has extensive experience has managed and knows from running the bar and the club, i have the management experience. >> have you been to shine when it was opened? >> three times. >> how long did you stay?
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>> until 1:30 a.m. and we have gone. we have thoroughly evaluated and looked at -- >> i have deep concerns for people who have no experience and you will forgive me. you were a busboy and a bartender and you have worked with the bar. i have deep concerns about people who take on the news and decide to manage them and they have zero experience managing the lounge, and nightclub, where there is entertainment, any of that. all the management in the world, this is a different animal. i know -- it is a different animal. it is not like managing any other thing, including a restaurant. that is why i asked you what you did at avalon.
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and what you did at vanguard. what you did there is not experience as managing the business. as managing the floor. you do not have that experience. and that is my concern. >> ok. >> thank you. commissioner? >> welcome. i echo commissioner joseph's concerns about that location. it has been a problematic location in the past and needs to be managed by someone who understands how to deal with troublesome crowds. i live in the immediate area and i have heard from residents who live in the alleys behind you that there have been problems with that location so i look to your neighborhood contacts and i do not see a single letter -- am i missing something? are there letters from actual residence?
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i'm not talking about businesses. i understand aaa flag is in the area and the car wash a couple blocks away and sloan, which is another venue which is in trouble with this commission. are there any actual neighbors that you have talked to? >> i know we talked to the business and he approached so i can let him come in. >> there are no letters here. >> right. >> you have no proof that you have done any outrage to the neighbors. did you get a packet when you came in for your application, giving you some information on how you can go through a free application process where you would get -- contact the neighbors in the area. have you set up a meeting with them and listened to their concerns? you'd make note of what those concerns were and hopefully be
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able to reflect the solutions to those in your presentation before us? >> i am going to let j.p. comment. >> our understanding at working with joselyn and others in the office and the current owners, there was not a problematic situation and we know of no known complaints to the department and have been -- raised any in discussions with the police on the license and entertainment commission license. we were up front in trying to proactively approaching any problems and we declined purchasing a different nightclub because we did uncover problems through jocelyn and the pitpd. we selected shine because of its seemingly good operation and
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clientele and we have no plans of changing that. jt did solicit feedback giant -- and contact with residents. i am sure you can imagine there is not a lot of resonance in any area that want to write a letter -- residents in area -- in the area that want to write a letter. if there was a substantial problem, you might see neighbors coming out of the woodwork to say, we do not like that place, we do have a problem with you coming in. i will turn it over to jt to talk about any of his conversations. >> there was one resident who raised a concern about the takeover of shine. adnd what the plans were. that e-mail was cc:'d to ms.